Purple Cabbage Roll Soup

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I was excited to hear from Helena over at Low Carb Lovelies when I found out she wanted to feature me as a guest poster on her very impressive and dedicated blog. We were lucky enough to find each other in the world of WordPress and she was looking for a soup to warm her bones. Just as a chill has been settling in where she lives in Australia, it has been heating up here in Toronto. Normally this is where I put a pause on all things soup for the summer, yet I excitedly accepted the offer, as I had loads of chicken stock in my freezer to use up before summer truly sets in here.

Sometimes when I have a hankering for something with carbs, I’ll try to think of a way to turn it into something lower in carbs that satiates that craving. However, turning a carb-heavy recipe into something I can have often involves a tonne of work and patience. In times like these, I will take it a step further and turn it into a soup if it makes it that much easier for me.

This is how this soup came to be. I was craving cabbage rolls. If you’ve had cabbage rolls before, you already know that it’s all about the filling, which includes rice – a low carber’s nightmare. Of course I could have just omitted the rice and made an all-meat filling, but when I’m hungry and I have to wait too long I can quickly turn into a raging monster. Preparation for cabbage rolls can be a bit laborious. The addition of chia seeds to these meatballs was an excellent last-minute decision I made to give it a texture that is slightly reminiscent of the traditional rice and meat filling.

Go check out my recipe for Purple Cabbage Roll Soup over at Low Carb Lovelies. While you’re at it, just check out everything she’s ever done. Helena has a knack for everything low carb and an incredibly beautiful blog!

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