The Ultimate Meat Chili (Low Carb)


One time I was a jalapeño burn-victim. An jalapeño burn-victim? I guess we’ll never know. Moving on, this came about from mincing around one dozen jalapeños. When I noticed my hands were on fire, my partner ran to the store to grab milk so I could soak my hands. Still burning. He ran back to the store to grab rubbing alcohol because we read it helped. Nothing. He ran back to the store to grab vaseline. Hands still engulfed in flames. The only thing that gave me a bit relief was plunging my hands into a bowl of ice water. However, as soon as the ice started to melt, the burning would flare up again. I would start to fall asleep with my hands in the bowl, the ice would melt, and the pain would jolt me awake. We replenished the bowl with ice and repeated this process for a long and torturous TEN HOURS. Continue reading The Ultimate Meat Chili (Low Carb)

Sriracha Turkey Chili (Low Carb)

photo (10)After a brief break and a quick holiday in France, I’m back to the stovetop.

How many more days until next vacation? Continue reading Sriracha Turkey Chili (Low Carb)

Pork and Pancetta Chili Soup (Low Carb)

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One of my closest pals came to hang out with me during the holiday this year. We’ve made it somewhat of a tradition to buy enough alcohol to last us days, watch terrible horror movies, and make nontraditional holiday meals together.

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Chipotle and Chorizo Tortilla Soup


I’m not entirely convinced that winter is through yet.  The weather has flip-flopped so many times that I don’t hold a lot of hope.  Next week calls for wet snow and I am definitely not feeling that. Continue reading Chipotle and Chorizo Tortilla Soup

Buffalo Chicken Chili Soup

Image-1(1)My boyfriend and I went through a phase in the winter/early spring of 2012 where all we wanted were hot wings.  All day, every day.  We became slaves to our cravings for that saucy, spicy, blue cheesy goodness and searched high and low for the best wing nights in the city. Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Chili Soup