Asparagus, Potato, and Leek Soup


“What’s your favourite kind of soup?”, I asked, while we sat in the grass at Parliament Hill.

She cackled, “I don’t know!  Uhh, I guess potato.  Probably potato!”

“Mine, too!  Well, potato LEEK.  So, I guess that’s, like, a step up from yours.'”, I said.

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Mushroom and Parsley Soup with Parmesan-Reggiano


Most winters I can usually be found hibernating until spring and it takes A LOT to get me out of the house.  The cold season usually takes a lot out of me, as it does to anyone.  This one in particular has done a number.

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Tofu Noodle Soup (topped with spicy red pepper sauce)

In Korea, this would be called Yangnyeomjang (red pepper sauce) Dubuguksu (tofu noodle soup).

photo 3

Get ready for the quickest, least complex, and easiest-to-assemble soup recipe you’ve seen here.  This soup was a great comfort to me when I moved to Korea in late summer 2010.  It was simple, had very familiar ingredients, and nursed me back to health the several times I fell ill in my first winter there.  While I assume the broth was not meat-free, the rest of the ingredients certainly were.

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Buffalo Chicken Chili Soup

Image-1(1)My boyfriend and I went through a phase in the winter/early spring of 2012 where all we wanted were hot wings.  All day, every day.  We became slaves to our cravings for that saucy, spicy, blue cheesy goodness and searched high and low for the best wing nights in the city. Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Chili Soup